Attention for Media Buyers

Attention for media buyers uses human attention metrics to increase advertising campaign effectiveness through understanding where and how humans are watching.

Reality Check


Did you know that only 44% of the reach volume you think you are buying is being achieved.

Impressions aren’t what they used to be. The number and type of media environments has sky-rocketed. People are becoming more easily distracted, switching focus multipletimes a second. Each viewing environment offers a different attention opportunity.

Device data was meant to achieve the impossible. Likes and clicks were assumed to link directly to sales. But this inward facing data can’t predict whether a person is actually watching. This can often make advertising effectiveness harder to achieve, and true, accurate channel mix planning more difficult and unpredictable.

Why attention?

But let’s go back to basics.

Your clients want to grow their brand so it needs to be known and remembered

Campaigns are built and crucial decisions are made around what to say and where to say it.

Reaching the right people with the right message.

Hoping to nudge a sale.

For an advertising campaign to work, it needs attention.

With no human attention, there is no advertising impact.

It’s as simple as that.

Successful media buyers know this.

How attention works?


The most important thing to remember is that advertising does not persuade.

Advertising announces that a brand exists.

And it builds Mental Availability – the likelihood that your brand will pop into a buyer’s mind when they’re ready to buy – by regularly reminding people.

For a brand, maintaining and building Mental Availability is the key objective of advertising.

For an individual ad or campaign, effectiveness is measured with Short-Term Advertising Strength (STAS) – an index of the number of people who were exposed to an ad and chose the brand against the number of people who weren’t exposed to the ad and still chose the brand. It removes the people who would have chosen the brand anyway, giving a truer indication of whether the ad was effective.


Without human attention, Short-Term Advertising Strength can’t occur.

Without human attention, Mental Availability can’t be built.



Make attention work for your campaigns

Collect campaign specific attention data from real humans in real environments with attentionTRACE

Test your brand against category competitors.

Track whether your distinctive brand assets are attracting attention.

Use the results for a 360 review against campaign objectives:

  • boost branded creative performance
  • build high-performing creative assets for each environment
  • fine-tune channel mix to balance budget, attention and sales funnel needs.

Plan your next campaign with the attentionPLAN®

Generate attention scenarios for channel mix allocations to understand the true attention quality of advertising inventory.

Shift the needle towards higher long-term lift every time you run a campaign.

Understand and choose the best attention for each stage of the sales funnel.

Deliver optimum results for your clients, and build an attention-optimised media plan in a matter of clicks.

How to use attention

Any time you are deciding where to advertise, attention metrics can elevate your performance. Attention offers valuable decision-making data to discern the quality of the inventory you are considering.

Remove the guesswork and make format and channel decisions based on science. It becomes easier to decide between Facebook Stories and YouTube Pre-roll, or a 6-second vs 30-second spot when you can predict how much attention each is offering.

Different attention profiles work optimally in different parts of the sales funnel. Using attention you can choose the right creative and channel mix to achieve lower or upper sales funnel goals.

Attention metrics become the tool to finesse a truly effective advertising campaign.

What attention delivers?

Real human attention metrics can leverage growth for your brand. 

By planning and buying media with attention metrics as your quality tool you have the power to: 

  • increase brand awareness and long-term uplift
  • increase short-term sales uplift for each campaign
  • run effective campaign budgets
  • use attention parameters to build effective creative
  • report back to the c-suite with confidence
  • introduce efficient decision-making within campaign teams.


Understand how people are viewing your advertising via human attention data capture.

Test your branded creative and messaging using real human attention in real environments.

Ethical collection of human attention to advertising through GDPR compliant triple opt-in panels. Machine-learning models designed to create true omnichannel measurement and true comparison across environments, devices and formats.


Plan your next campaign with the world’s most accurate and rich attention-based media planning tool.

Predict the amount of human attention your channel mix will attract and plan every detail of your campaign to increase the Mental Availability of your brand.

Use attentionPLAN as a standalone web tool, or integrate it into existing systems through our advanced API offering. Discover how media planners and buyers use attentionPLAN in their strategies.


Gain unparalleled insight into the audience viewing behaviours of your ads, while being provided actionable, human attention-driven recommendations that help deliver greater return on ad investment.

attentionPROVE is a human attention measurement pixel that allows you to gain real human attention insights in real-time from your campaigns.

Track differing attention behaviours toward display and video ads across major web, social and streaming platforms.


Successful attention users

Amplified Intelligence clients have been using attention metrics as a competitive edge since 2020. Early adopter brand, Ireland National Lottery achieved a 35% increase in campaign attention and 9% increase in distinctive asset score on their very first attention-enhanced campaign.

Amplified’s very first attentionPLAN® client, Audience Precision, now feeds attention data into their groundbreaking Precise360® tool.

Global Omnicom Media Group has built Amplified attention into its in-house Attention Requirement Calculator, launched in July 2022.

And all 5 of the Australian advertising holding companies – Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu, Publicis Groupe, GroupM and IPG Mediabrands – use Amplified Intelligence attention metrics through API integration.