Attention for Platforms

Attention for platforms uses human attention metrics to communicate the power and value of your advertising inventory by understanding where and how humans are watching.

Why attention?

Selling reach isn’t what it used to be. Impressions aren’t what they used to be. There are so many types of media environments, it’s hard to count. And each viewing environment and format offers a different attention opportunity.

Successful brands are looking for high quality advertising inventory. And they’re using attention metrics in the hunt.

Why Amplified attention? 

The world’s most accurate and rich collection of attention data. Ethical collection of human attention to advertising through GDPR compliant triple opt-in panels. Sub-second human gaze in real environments – with real humans and real distractions.

Machine-learning models designed and tested to create true omnichannel measurement and equitable comparison across environments, devices and formats.

Collected and tested across markets: UK, USA, Australia, Germany. The output is a comprehensive set of metrics: active attention, passive attention, Short-Term Advertising Strength, Mental Availability, reach %, and impressions.

Make attention work for your customers

Work with brands and media buyers to measure the attention performance of your environment and formats.

Test ad lengths and formats across your viewing environment.

Use data collection results to:

Test ad lengths and formats across your viewing environment.

Use data collection results to:

Collect campaign specific attention data attentionTRACE

  • determine the attention performance of your inventory
  • set competitive benchmarks for the inventory you are selling
  • improve the attention performance of your formats
  • target inventory sales to specific sales funnel goals
  • teach your customers how to get the best from your advertising environment
  • become an ethical and sustainable attention seller.

Make sure your data appears in attentionPLAN®, where leading media planners go to compare the attention performance of their channel allocation scenarios.

When brands and media buyers are looking for trusted omnichannel attention measurement, make sure your inventory is in the mix and that your customers know how to use it to meet their sales funnel goals.

How to use attention

Brands and media buyers are now using attention metrics to decide where they direct their campaign budget. 

Attention offers valuable decision-making data to promote the quality of the inventory you are offering. Understanding how the attention value of your viewing environment/formats works best in the sales funnel, helps you sell fit-for-purpose inventory to your customers. 

Your UX and R&D teams can use attention data, collected from real humans in real environments, to guide their user design and create sought-after high attention environments.

Attention metrics become the tool to communicate the true value of your advertising inventory.

What attention delivers?

Real human attention metrics can leverage growth for your customers. 

By designing and selling media with attention metrics you have the power to create high attention environments that:

  • increase brand awareness 
  • increase short term sales uplift
  • are easier to watch for longer
  • contribute to your customers’ success.

By using attention metrics in a world where your customers already are, you will be talking the same language.


Understand how people are viewing your advertising inventory via human attention data capture.

Test your viewing environment and formats using real human attention in real environments. Ethical collection of human attention to advertising following strict privacy regulations and through the use of triple opt-in panels. Machine-learning models designed to create true omnichannel measurement and equitable comparison across environments, devices and formats.


Advertisers are planning campaigns with the world’s most accurate and rich attention-based media planning tool. They are predicting the amount of human attention a channel mix will attract and run different scenarios. Make sure your attention data is in there.

attentionPLAN is available as a standalone web tool, or integrated into existing systems through our advanced API offering.


Provide never-before-seen insights into the audience engagement and viewing behaviours from your environment with attentionPROVE.

A human attention measurement pixel built upon a best-in-class enriched database consisting of both metadata and human attention data, tracks the differing attention behaviours toward display and video ads across all major ad environments such as desktop, mobile web, mobile app, CTV & BVOD.

Successful attention users

Amplified Intelligence clients have been using attention metrics as a competitive edge since 2020. Early adopter brand, Ireland National Lottery achieved a 35% increase in campaign attention and 9% increase in distinctive asset score on their very first attention-enhanced campaign.

Facebook commissioned us to determine the attention value of chosen formats. They used Amplified Intelligence attention data to run a 2022 advertising campaign on the attention value of Facebook and Instagram stories.

Global Omnicom Media Group has built Amplified attention into its in-house Attention Requirement Calculator, launched in July 2022.

And all 5 of the Australian advertising holding companies – Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu, Publicis Groupe, GroupM and IPG Mediabrands – use Amplified Intelligence attention metrics through API integration.