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860 Million

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How it works

Want to know how to use attention measurements in your advertising and marketing? attentionPLAN® is the perfect solution to help you accurately plan your advertising spend toward the most effective advertising inventory, maximising the return on your ad investments.  

Discover precisely which platforms, formats and channels you should invest in to generate short or long-term uplift for your business.

Leverage the largest human attention dataset to effectively plan advertising campaigns toward capturing the most relevant and qualified attention across TV, web, social and streaming environments.

Market leading

Attention Benchmarks

Elevate your strategies by comparing platform and format performance before you spend. Gain never before seen access to the attention performance of the world’s leading media platforms and channels.

Available now with any attentionPLAN® monthly subscription.

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The Metrics

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Geographic and demographic targeting.

Dive into the markets and demographics specific to your business so you can tailor optimisations to your targeted audience.


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attentionPLAN® includes a host of intuitive and market-leading features including;

Scientific media predictions fuelled by over 860M human attention datapoints

Ability to build full campaigns and scenarios in just a few clicks

Freedom to set short-term and long-term campaign objectives per scenario

Access to detailed and granular media mix scenario plans

Ability to set attention-based campaign tolerance

Utilise highly informative Attention-Adjusted® Reach Curve functionality

Maintain channel-level spending

Quick and easy exporting function

Access to attention benchmark data *only available with an attentionPLAN® subscription

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The only attention measurement media planner with over 860M human attention data points and is able to accurately guide you toward the best performing channels, platforms and ad formats to deliver the commercial goals you strive for.


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$1,000 /month

12 month subscription

20 campaigns

1 user

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Attention benchmarks


$5,000 /month

3 month subscription

Unlimited campaigns

3 users

Additional markets

Attention benchmarks


$4,000 /month

12 month subscription

Unlimited campaigns

10 users

Additional markets

Attention benchmarks

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Interested in accessing more markets, a greater number of campaigns or discussing an API integration of our attention data into your existing tools?

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With our free trial can explore these features:

Build a baseline campaign and view expected attention performance

Preview active attention seconds by ad format, passive attention seconds and expected uplift

View your campaigns reach curve performance, performance by ad type and format, key metrics and more.

Our freemium experience doesn't include:

Create multiple campaign scenarios

Create multiple campaigns

Adjust your campaign objectives, media mix allocation and ad format selections to view variety of potential uplifts for your business

Attention benchmarks

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