Dr Karen Nelson-Field

Dr Karen Nelson-Field is a globally acclaimed researcher in media science, with over 17 years spent researching and redefining how people deliver successful marketing and media outcomes through the guise of human attention.

Regularly called upon to speak at major industry events across the globe including AdWeek, Cannes and SXSW, Karen’s work has also been recognised and noted in leading publications such as The NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business. Making her the thought leader and subject matter expert in all things attention metrics which saw her named as a 2022 Honoree in the Ad Monsters + Ad Exchanger Top Women in Media & Ad Tech, as a Game Changer.

In addition to regular speaking on the global stage, Karen is also a well renowned author with two published titles under her belt. Her first book, Viral Marketing: the science of sharing, set the record straight on hunting for ‘viral success’. While her second book, The Attention Economy and How Media Works, explains the stark reality of human attention to advertising.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field speaks regularly at a host of industry events and seminars, and is also available to attend in-house sessions or conferences. You can request book a speaker session below


Published works

The Attention Economy and How Media Works

The simple truths for Marketers


The Attention Economy and How Media WorksIn a world of fake news, fast facts and seriously depleted attention stamina, The Attention Economy and How Media Works: Simple Truths for Marketers offers a considered voice on the advertising chaos that colours our rapidly changing media environment. Karen Nelson-Field starts an intelligent conversation on what it will take for businesses to win in an attention economy. This book makes sense of viewability standards, coverage and clutter; it talks about the real quality behind a qCPM and takes a deep dive into the relationship between attention and sales. Nelson-Field asks you to pay attention to a disrupted advertising future, but without panic. Rather, with a keen eye on the things that brand owners can learn to control.

Viral Marketing

The science of sharing


Viral Marketing: the science of sharingViral Marketing: The Science of Sharing is not your typical ‘how to get shared’ book. It would be nice to believe that viral success is as easy as being sneezed on. But after applying scientific method and rigorous research to the topic, Nelson-Field says, “Wake up and smell the well-branded coffee”. Using original research from more than 2 years of work, 5 different data sets, around 1000 videos, 9 individual studies and a large team of researchers from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Viral Marketing offers solid advice on the nebulous business of video sharing.This is a must read book for anyone working in the social media space. Read it before you strap those roller skates onto a kitten, it might just save you some time, money and credibility.

The rise of Amplified Intelligence

Karen founded Amplified Intelligence in 2017 from her home town of Adelaide in South Australia, with a deep passion and determination to see human based attention measurements change the way the media market operates.    

Through Karen’s leadership, Amplified Intelligence has been recognised as the world-leader in attention measurement metrics and media planning. Making the company the most trusted source for accurate attention for clients such as Google, Facebook, Foxtel and OMD to name a few.

Meet the rest of the team at Amplified Intelligence, or read about some of our most recent projects for key platforms and media buyers.