Attention for TV

Searching for an answer the age old question, “how do ads attract attention?” Well, the fight is becoming much simpler… find real humans, in the environments that they are actively engaged with, to give your ads the best possible chance to be seen and remembered.

Attention for linear TV is the collection of eye gaze data from people as they watch non-streamed television. Recorded data is translated into attention metrics using machine learning models, to measure the attention people are paying to TV advertising.

attention adjusted reach

The value of attention

Plan and predict the amount of attention your television advertising campaign is likely to attract. 

Amplified Intelligence’s human attention metrics will uncover the gap between attention and assumed attention. With a clearer picture of audience focus, you can compare your attention data with reach and frequency to build a confident media mix picture.

Amplified attention offers a true omnichannel comparison.

Fast attention facts

Brand growth and sales goals need at least some level of sustained human attention, yet most people:

  • are easily distracted
  • switch focus continually
  • focus less as time passes.

To uncover the attention truth for different environments,

we collect 3 types of
human gaze data:


Active Attention

Looking directly at the ad


Passive Attention

Eyes on screen but not on the ad


Non Attention

Eyes not on the screen or the ad

Attention for TV

Linear TV, sometimes called broadcast TV, is a high quality attention environment with no other distractions on the screen. No side bars. No pop-ups. Just a single screen showing a single piece of video. A single point of focus. Sure, there are still the natural interruptions from family, pets and the inevitable second screening with your phone, but it still attracts high levels of human attention.

– TV regardless of device drives high levels of brand uplift
– TV ads are up to 3x longer in view
– High attention programming attracts high attention to ads

Linear Television is a low wastage environment. Regardless of device, it drives more short and long-term uplift than any other non-cinema platform.

Real people. Real homes. Real attention.

Using bespoke hardware and webcam, any television with a HDMI port in a Wi-fi enabled home can be used to collect Linear TV attention. The camera records collection participants while they sit on their sofa and watch TV. Attention can be measured on anything that appears on the screen – broadcast content and ads. While there is a minimum collection period to ensure enough data is collected, there is no maximum. Collections can run for long periods over seasonal sporting periods or special events.

Amplified Intelligence collects and maps factors that influence the intensity of attention paid to an ad. We call them Attention Attributes and some of them include;

  • Active attention
  • Ad visibility
  • Attention shift
  • Scroll speed
  • Ad coverage
  • Peak attention
  • Passive attention
  • Gaze distribution.

All of our attention models are collected and trained by the same mathematical values according to the same academic definition, ensuring true omnichannel attention measurement.

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How others have used attention in TV advertising

Across 2021 and 2022, Channel Nine and The Seven Network worked with Amplified Intelligence including linear TV, alongside BVOD, in their extensive attention collections.

“By measuring consumer attention signals, marketers are able to improve their return on investment while also further enhancing the viewing experience for audiences through impactful storytelling. Viewability is still critical in advertising but to get noticed by highly receptive audiences, it’s time we all measure and prioritise attention.”
– Charlotte Valente, Chief Marketing Officer, Seven West Media


“Nine’s Linear TV and 9Now deliver long periods of active attention for advertisers. Based on the link between attention and memory, this keeps brands in consumers’ minds for longer.”

– Dr Karen Nelson-Field, CEO, Amplified Intelligence

Back in 2019-2020, Screenforce Germany, which represents 95% of the TV advertising marketing in its region, wanted to measure the amount of attention that linear television received across the DACH group of countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland. They wanted to know whether TV attention data collected previously in Australia and the UK would be the same for Europe. The project collected baseline attention and brand choice across Linear TV, Facebook, YouTube and BVOD on mobile. In the second phase, frequency effects were considered and then synergy across platforms. No surprises, TV performed equally across all of the countries.

Our Products


Understand how people are viewing your advertising.

Test your branded creative and messaging using real human attention in real environments. Ethical collection of human attention to advertising through GDPR compliant triple opt-in panels. Machine-learning models designed to create true omnichannel measurement and true comparison across environments, devices and formats.

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Plan your next campaign with the world’s most accurate and rich attention-based media planning tool.

Predict the amount of human attention your channel mix will attract and plan every detail of your campaign to increase the long-term lift of your brand. Use attentionPLAN® as a standalone web tool, or integrate it into existing systems through our advanced API offering.

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Using real human attention for in-flight campaign optimisation.

Attach an attentionPROVE® tag when you purchase your media to unlock valuable attention insights. Replace performance assumptions with a complete view of audience viewing behaviours, fuel instant optimisation by knowing which ad creatives, messages, and environments generate the highest quality attention.

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