Our Capabilities

Amplified Intelligence’s capabilities don’t end at revolutionising the media landscape through attention measurements, we are also committed to constant investment into our people and internal resources to ensure our research is supported by the most robust tech capability.

Our team is comprised of data analysts, data scientists, machine learning experts and software engineers that help us provide customers with unparalleled outcomes in hardware design, app development, API integration and market research to name a few. 

Whether it’s staying ahead of the game with eye-tracking technology, or developing market leading media planning tools, Amplified Intelligence are the only attention marketing and metrics partners capable of delivering solutions designed specifically to best serve your commercial goals and growing the customer base you rely on.

We’re constantly developing new solutions and technologies that work in conjunction with key platforms such as TV, Cinema, On Demand (BVOD), web, social media and more.

Our capabilities, methodologies and infrastructure include;

  • Agile and dynamic development principles
  • Complete CI/CD development pipeline
  • Automated testing infrastructure
  • Microservices architecture
  • SQL data stores
  • Gaze tracking using machine learning
  • Omni-platform collection tracking
  • Multi-terabyte big data analysis to enrich existing data and help inform the data our products are based upon

Discover more through our latest news, industry insights and company announcements or contact us to find out how we can help change the way you reach customers in an over crowded media environment.