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The Attention Economy: A Category Blueprint

The best-selling hit that was The Attention Economy, How Media Works published in 2020 by Dr Karen Nelson-Field, set the stage for not only a new form of media measurement but also the foundations for a new category. Four years on, attention measurement has become widely recognised and adopted as one of the most innovative, trustworthy, ethical and advertiser centric methods for activating and elevating media measurement for brands and agencies globally.

In 2024, the highly anticipated sequel details the research, frameworks, use cases and overall journey attention measurement has been on and features predictions for what lies ahead in media measurement to empower marketers, media professionals and beyond.

About this book

In this compelling sequel, The Attention Economy: A Category Blueprint, takes an in-depth look into the dynamic world of marketing and advertising, unveiling the pivotal role that human attention measurement plays in the present and future landscape. Designed for industry professionals, this book serves as a blueprint, offering profound insights and actionable advice.

The book begins by reflecting on the whirlwind of transformations that have shaped the marketing landscape over the past three decades. It then examines the perfect storm of events that has propelled attention economics to the forefront of the industry’s agenda. Throughout its chapters, the book catalogs cutting-edge research and tackles critical issues such as attention measurement, metrics, prediction, distraction, data quality and the ethical use of attention data ultimately piecing together the intricate puzzle and offering clarity for industry professionals.

Industry leaders and early adopters contribute their insights, offering valuable perspectives on their own experiences and practical applications of attention data.

The book’s engaging style blends quick tips, simple explanations of complex concepts and humorous anecdotes to make the content accessible and enjoyable. By blending storytelling and practical advice, the book succeeds in demystifying the intricate world of attention economics.

This book is a must-read for marketing professionals seeking to understand the evolving landscape of advertising. It offers a blueprint for change and foresight into the future of the attention economy. In doing so, it becomes an invaluable resource for anyone navigating the challenges and opportunities of today’s marketing world.

Dr karen Nelson-Field


Dr Karen Nelson-Field

Dr. Karen Nelson-Field, a prominent media science researcher, has helped transform media measurement on a global scale. An advisor to major media agencies and global brands, she’s a sought-after speaker and author of best sellers “Viral Marketing” and “The Attention Economy, How Media Works.” Her work has featured in top publications such as AdAge, Bloomberg Business, CNBC, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal. As CEO of Amplified Intelligence, she leads in omnichannel attention measurement, offering innovative solutions in attention collection, media planning, and in-flight measurement, guiding the industry through the complexities of media measurement.

Contributions from experts across the industry

This book features contributions from some of the media, marketing and technology industries most recognisable and widely followed identities. Detailing their experiences adopting and optimising media measurement through attention, as well as expert opinion pieces covering the past present and future of media and tech in an ever evolving landscape.

Hear from some of the bravest and most inspiring leaders from platform owners, to tier one media agencies, through to big brand marketers and leading journalists.

Featuring contributions from innovators and leaders in companies such as


Good science and the predictability of attention

“Attention science matters because without applying scientific principles, simplistic approaches can do more harm than good. ‘Good enough’ is where we’ve come from, and we have spent the last couple of decades paying the price. Generalisable norms set the blueprint for successful attention prediction and without accounting for these patterns an attention model will be wrongly skewed by its own training parameters. Attention science not only offers a path to avoid marketing catastrophes but also provides an opportunity for positive, long-lasting change.”


Why this book is so important right now

“Attention Economics is the science that the marketing world has desperately needed for at least the last decade. The SOV model, which relates market share to advertising spend, has been a fundamental principle in media planning, but its reliability has diminished due to digital media’s impact. The discrepancy in the commercial value of exposures on different platforms has disrupted the correlation between extra share of voice and market share growth, highlighting the desperate need to incorporate Attention Economics for a more accurate media planning approach. This is why this book is so important.” – Peter Field


Speaker Events 2024

In support of this latest release, Dr Karen Nelson-Field will be speaking at a host of industry events and seminars, while also available to attend in-house sessions or conferences. You can follow her on the speaker trail with confirmed dates shown, or book a speaker session below.

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Omniconnect (Virtual) – April 2024
APAN Better Marketing (Estoril, PORT) – May 2024
Cannes Lion Festival of Creativity (Cannes, FR) – June 2024

Specsavers Festival of Marketing (London, UK) –  October 2024