Guidelines to watch TV

  • Watch up to 4 pre-loaded programs per week.
  • Watch TV as you normally would, so this means, if you need to go to the bathroom, use your phone or make a cup of tea – go for it!
  • If a viewing session is terminated early, it will not qualify for incentive.
  • If a face is not detected in more than 50% of the footage, it will not qualify for incentive. We encourage natural viewing however you are still expected to watch some of the program – we are measuring your reactions after all!
  • Keep the iPod unlocked with the AttentionTRACE app running on the background. Once you exit from the app or manually lock the device, the recording will stop.
  • You will receive two login IDs. The first will provide access to the first preselected program. The second will provide access to 19 additional programs for you to watch over the course of the study.

Your Rewards

  • Over the 2 week period you can earn $15 gift card for each session you complete.
  • After you have completed your first viewing session, you’ll be immediately rewarded with 1 x gift card valued at $15.
  • All subsequent incentives will be combined and paid in one lump sum which means you will receive up to 1 x gift card valued at up to $105 at the conclusion of the study.
  • You will receive your gift cards via email. (be sure to check your junk / spam).


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