Guidelines to watch TV

  • Watch up to 4 programs per week on TVNZ-1, TVNZ-2 and/or Duke.
  • Watch TV as you normally would, so this means, if you need to go to the bathroom, use your phone or make a cup of tea – go for it!
  • If a viewing session is terminated early, it will not qualify for incentive.
  • If a face is not detected in more than 50% of the footage, it will not qualify for incentive. We encourage natural viewing however you are still expected to watch some of the program – we are measuring your reactions after all!
  • Keep the iPod unlocked with the AttentionTRACE app running on the background. Once you exit from the app or manually lock the device, the recording will stop.
  • You will only be provided with one login ID for the duration of the study. Please store this in a safe place!
  • Your login ID is valid for up to 4 viewings per week. Once you have watched 4 programs, your login ID will be closed until the following week.

Your Rewards

  • Over the 2-week period you can earn up to $40 per week in incentives.
  • Once you have completed a session, a gift card will be sent to your email (be sure to check your junk / spam).

30 mins



per session

60 mins



per session


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