attentionPROVE® human attention measurement tag

Gain insight into the audience viewing behaviours of the ads on your platform.

attentionPROVE for platforms allows you to use human attention metrics to communicate the commercial value of your platform and advertising inventory by understanding where and how humans are watching.

attentionPROVE ad attention

How attention metrics can fuel ROI

Understand the true value of your ad inventory at a format by format level. Make informed decisions about the user experience you offer, and how you serve and what you charge for your ads.

Ensure you are providing your customers with the most impactful media channel in their mix, while increasing your competitive advantage against other platforms and publishers.

As a publisher you are able to build your own internal and external commercial propositions using the attention data you’ll have to. Including but not limited to;


  • Dynamic strategic pricing
  • Inventory review
  • Enhance ad product
  • Construct commercial packages to aid sell-through


  • Deliver attention as measurement standard with a campaign buy
  • Meet client demand for attention measurement in the campaign lifecycle
  • Align to modern planning practices that leverage human attention

How does attention work?

We know that your audience isn’t paying 100% attention to your ad units, so vying for their attention to create impactful media campaigns for your advertisers is becoming harder than ever. Whether audiences see the ad in its entirety, some of it or none at all, can incur different outcomes and returns on investments for advertisers. As a publisher there’s an opportunity for you to better understand what ad inventory captures the right kind of attention based on real attention science to increase the value of your offering.

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attentionPROVE® explained

Gain never-before-seen insights into the audience viewing behaviours specific to your environment with attentionPROVE®.

By designing and selling media with attention metrics you have the power to create high attention environments

A human attention measurement tag built upon a best-in-class enriched database consisting of both metadata and human attention data. Helping you track the differing attention behaviours of users toward your platform.

Powered by over 800 million real human data points captured from some of the most competitive ad markets from across the globe, attentionPROVE® uses market leading machine learning models to provide human attention insights that you’ve never had access to until now.

Compatible platforms and ad formats

attentionPROVE® can be utilised across a host of channels, platforms and media including;

  • CTV
  • BVOD
  • Open web
  • Display ads
  • Video ads

Attention metrics and outputs

The results you receive can help you make more informed decisions about your platform performance and media offering. Including the Active, Passive and Total Attention Seconds delivered by:

  • Domain
  • Format
  • Ad Length (video only)
  • Device
  • Time of day, day of week
  • Country
  • Overall reach (total imp volume)
  • Active Reach (Hours/Days)
    …And more

Utilised by such publishers as


Delivering outcomes that matter

Case Study : Financial Services Client

Attention and Conversion Performance impact the bottom line

Our attention-led optimisations for a financial services client helped increase click through rate, conversions and significantly decreased cost per acquisition.

Resulted in more visitors into the funnel and more visitors completed an application – yet less dollars to acquire quality traffic.

Attention optimisation drives efficiency, builds memory, but more importantly, it drives tangible and valuable outcomes.


BOF Conversions


Cost per Acquisition


More Attention Efficiency

Getting started with attention

Ready to make informed decisions about your ad investments with a human attention measurement tag capable of giving you real-time attention metrics that can help maximise your ROI? Discover how quick and easy it is to get started with a range of options available based on the impression volume of your platform.

About Amplified Intelligence

Amplified Intelligence is the global source for attention measurement.

We have changed the way attention metrics can be defined, predicted and measured, through robust data capture, across all major device types and platforms.

We offer a suite of attention-based products that help media agencies, marketers and media owners optimise their strategies to maximise ROI.

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