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Getting started with attention metrics

Are humans actually watching? Understand the role of attention in advertising effectiveness and its impact on the bottom line.


Ad Spend Calculator

Understand the real financial and brand impact of not using attention measurement in your ad strategies.

Digital Advertising Effectiveness Calculator

Enter your monthly online ad spend and planned reach to be provided with a calculation of its effectiveness based on human attention methodology

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Advertisers just like you are spending millions of dollars on media that doesn’t deliver outcomes for their brands.

Why? Because there is a problem with underlining measurement. Time-in-view (one of only two critical input variables in our currency) makes the assumption that humans are focused, but that is far from reality.

We’ve proved through robust, global research that 75% of viewable inventory gets zero human attention. 

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Attention is the human-centric principle that determines whether people are really watching ads, both in terms of how long and how focused.

And by understanding real-world behaviours, you can develop more successful campaigns with tangible results.

Brand Growth: Attention has a strong correlation with business outcomes and driving brand growth.

Effectiveness: Are humans actually watching? Attention plays a pivotal role in advertising effectiveness and its impact on the bottom line

Mental Availability: Better understand and cater for how ads are processed to help reveal how much attention is needed to create and place distinctive brand assets in order to deliver mental availability.

Compete for Attention: By knowing how audiences choose to pay attention helps you understand how ads can better compete for attention e.g. addition of auditory attention to visual attention.

How you can use attention

The opportunity to use attention is huge, because you can use attention data or attention-led products in any stage of your strategies or campaign lifecycle. Whether it’s to test ads in-the-wild before you go-live, use attention data to better inform your media spend, or verify campaign performance in-flight with live insights, the choice is truly yours.


Testing ads for attention

A/B test, benchmark performance or compare platforms

You can use our attentionTRACE product to test actual ads in real ad environments to better understand how they perform based on audience attention metrics. Test one or multiple messages or channels to better inform strategies before you spend.

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Media planning with attention

Strategise, plan and better predict campaign outcomes

Using a robust human attention-centric media planning tool means you can optimise your campaign strategies and plan toward the best campaign outcomes on a format-by-format level. 


In-flight attention insights for your ads

Measure, optimise and verify campaign performance

Gain live attention insights by ad format and channel, allowing you to make mid-flight optimisations to campaign strategy and ad spend specific to your performance.

Why Amplified

Amplified Intelligence is the global source for attention measurement.

We have changed the way attention metrics can be defined, predicted and measured, through robust data capture, across all major device types and platforms.

We offer a suite of attention-based products that help brands, agencies and platforms optimise their strategies to increase ROI.

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Keen to learn more about using attention?

Attention metrics are a new concept to some people, and can take a bit of time to understand how or where to get started. At Amplified Intelligence we’re with you every step of the way as your trusted attention partner.

You can download our free attention guide to better understand the role attention measurement can play in your business, or book a time with our team to talk one on one.