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Capture real human attention data in real ad environments

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Test your creative for attention, drive better outcomes

Collect real human attention specific to your ads with attentionTRACE.

The world’s leading attention data capture product that allows brands and agencies to record the exact amount and type of attention real audiences are paying to their ads.

Discover real human insights that allow you to;

Benchmark attention performance

A/B test creative and campaign messaging

Optimise creative and budget allocation before you spend

Better understand channel performance

Tailor strategies based on where and how humans view your ads

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Attention Outputs

Using attentionTRACE you’ll be able to access attention measurement to understand your creative and brand performance and leverage each platform to drive greater efficiency and effectiveness.

You’ll gain access to active and passive attention and attention decay specific to your ad, as well as Attention Elasticity, platform and category specific attention benchmarks, attention decay and more.

Supported platforms & markets

You can test your brand and ads across a host of major social and digital platforms in some of the most competitive advertising markets in the world, including Australia, America and the United Kingdom.

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Using Amplified Intelligence’s market-leading attention data capture technology we’re able to record how people truly engage with your messages and retain your brand’s presence with sophisticated eye-tracking tech. 

In just six weeks you could have an attention performance report in your hands specific to your ads.