Hello, and welcome to our study information page.

Purpose of the research

We are a company that collects data around people’s reaction when watching TV at home.

Your role in the study and how it works

1. Receive a package that includes iPod, tripod, HDMI cable, HDMI to lightning adapter and pre-paid return satchel

2. Set up a device. This may take around 10-15 minutes.

Get started

3. Watch free-to-air TV. There are few guidelines to watch TV.

Find out more about the guidelines

4. Earn rewards. You can get paid up to $120 by watching 8 sessions over a
2-week period.

Find out more about the rewards

As soon as you receive the device, you may start your viewing sessions. A welcome email containing your login details has been sent to the email address you provided.

You can watch a quick ‘how to’ video (left). 

Data Privacy

For security, you should know that your data will be fully encrypted and will only ever be used for the purpose of this research. No third party will have access to this information. A full copy of our Privacy Policy is available on our website: amplifiedintelligence.com.au

Once the Study is Complete

At the end of the study on 29 January, please pack the iPod and charger in its original box and place it in the pre-paid satchel provided. The satchel is already addressed and ready to send.

Please note: The iPod will remain locked and you will not be able to utilise it for any purpose other than our study.


Got a question? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at help@amplifiedintelligence.com.au