Our Mission

Our mission is to develop the world’s best attention measurement tools that allow people to maximise their media spend, increase commercial results and drive brand growth.

As an agile and fast-paced technology and AI fuelled data company, Amplified Intelligence continue to build upon its robust human attention dataset and solution-centric product suite to service its growing number of domestic and global customers.

As part of this quarterly update series you can discover all of the latest developments and key project deliveries from Q3 of 2023 and take a sneak peak at what’s to come in Q4.

Data Collection and Human Attention Measurement

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Via our attentionTRACE data collection product, we’re able to utilise the most sophisticated gaze and vision tracking technology and machine learning capabilities to provide agencies, brands and platforms with the most accurate and actionable human attention measurements that enable growth.

Milestones in Q3

Carried out the largest cinema attention study ever conducted in the U.S.

Delivered another key data collection project in Europe for a global consumer brand, taking our total market count to 16 countries.

Process improvements to reduce time to market for social media research studies.

Further enhanced our market-leading dataset which now consists of more than 600 Million human attention data points.

Milestones for Q4

3 x Major TV studies including 2 x linear and 1 x SVOD ad model.

Following the success of measuring street furniture, we’re now tackling large format OOH with a feasibility study underway in Australia.

Phase 2 of a major attention measurement study carried out on a global streaming platform to be undertaken in Asia.

Commencing desktop device attention study in Australia and the United States on a global news and search domain.

Broadening human measurement capabilities to include collection of emotional responses to advertising alongside attention performance.

Media Planning and Strategy

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attentionPLAN® is Amplified Intelligence’s market-leading media planning tool, allowing customers across media agencies and brands to build highly effective and optimised media plans designed to generate better return on advertising investment and commercial gains than any other tool on the market.

Accessible via both a self-serve interface and leading API technology, attentionPLAN® continues to see significant investment into its human attention database, usability and featureset.

Milestones in Q3

Market specific optimisation – allowing users to include the nuance of country as a variable as part of the media plan optimisation.

Released a Freemium product experience – a lightweight version of the platform to showcase the various features and capabilities it offers.

Attention data benchmarks API – programmatic access to aggregate level attention statistics.

A total of $591 Million in ad spend optimised in attentionPLAN® since its launch.

Milestones for Q4

Attention-adjusted® Reach Curves (AARC) API – a programmatic way to transform reach curves to approximate for attentive reach.

Attention benchmarks on SaaS – aggregate level attention statistics to inform strategy development.

Brand uplift via API – programmatic access to aggregate level attention statistics for Spotify and Radio.

New data update – the inclusion of Cinema, Twitch, Meta, BVOD and TV split in the data API and the SaaS product.

Deployment of an automated guided Product tour – enabling easier onboarding and aiding use and conversion

Product updates designed to improve user experience and increase efficiency in media plan creation.

Measurement and Verification

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The final stage of the media lifecycle is supported by Amplified Intelligence’s attentionPROVE® measurement tag.

This technology allows advertisers and platform owners to measure and predict performance through an attention measurement lens, providing in-flight optimisations and performance evaluation.

Milestones in Q3

An industry-first partnership between Yahoo and Amplified Intelligence was announced, allowing advertisers to measure attention across their programmatic advertising buying process.

Produced API documentation to facilitate seamless connection of our attention data service for DSP and Publisher customers.

Interscroller format now supported as part of attentionPROVE® media measurement offering.

Delivered a project to Merkle analysing attention-led optimisations on behalf of their client NAB, which resulted in a 33% reduction in cost per acquisition, over 540 hours of active reach and a 19% increase in attention efficiency.

attentionPROVE® to be made available at platform level for publishers and platform owners to measure human attention performance of their own ad inventory.

Milestones for Q4

Continuing to make optimisations to measurement and performance tracking for CTV platforms.



Amplified Intelligence have been working alongside both long-standing partners and valued new customers to deliver the most effective and trusted attention-led projects across digital and offline mediums.

Of note for Q3, Amplified Intelligence can confirm these key customer milestones.

Milestones in Q3

We have been working with Foxtel Media for an Australian collection to measure attention performance for the S/AVOD streaming service BINGE.

Our teams have been working closely with Snap Global to develop leading attention measurement capabilities specific to their AR platform.

We are in the final stages of the pre-project commencement stage for a mass-market TV collection across two European markets in conjunction with one of the leading media agencies in Europe.

Several key Media Holding Companies have extended their attention API contracts for a further 12 months spanning Publicis Group, OMG and Group M.

Attention and Industry


Attention measurement thought leader and industry figurehead Dr Karen Nelson-Field can often be found providing the latest findings and presenting to global audiences in-person and virtually throughout the year.


Dr Karen Nelson-Field featured on Digital Turbine’s ‘Mobile Explorers’ podcast.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field and WARC’s Lena Roland discuss the role of humans and AI-based innovation in adtech and media measurement in a joint article, Attention Applied: Where’s the human?

Dr Karen Nelson-Field presented at the Forbes 2023 Growth Forum on the topic of differentiation and becoming category king.

Orlando Wood, Rob Brittain and Dr Karen Nelson-Field revealed the findings of their groundbreaking study, The Triple Opportunity of Attention, at the Advertising Council Australia’s event in September.

Amplified Intelligence’s Karen Nelson-Field and Comcast’s Travis Flood explored the topic of attention and its role in advertising effectiveness in Effectv’s In Focus video series.

Dr Karen Nelson-Field presented an attention crash course for the Adjust Digital A/S masterclass hosted in Denmark on September 14.

Amplified Intelligence


As a people-first organisation and customer centric solution provider, Amplified Intelligence and its people are often recognised for their quality of production, workplace practices and global adoption by media and brand teams both domestically and internationally.


Amplified Intelligence were proud to have been named a finalist for My Startup Gig’s Top Startup Employers for 2023

Amplified Intelligence we named as a finalist for the Medium Business of the Year award for 2023 at the South Australian Premier’s Business and Export Awards

Amplified Intelligence were announced as a finalist for the Best Measurement or Analytics Capability Award at the 2023 AdExchanger Awards.

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Widespread adoption of attention

Attention metrics have fast become the measuring stick for some of the biggest brands and platforms the world over.
Human attention-based products are trusted by some of the leading global partners, broadcasters, media platforms and brands. From Dentsu, IPG, OMG, Publicis, WPP, Shell, Mars, Pepsi, Foxtel, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.