We’ve known the power of attention metrics from the very start, and we get excited with every new insight uncovered. But when our clients show us how they’re using attention, we get positively delirious. This is one of those moments!

One of our pioneer agency clients, OMD USA, has shown just how powerful attention metrics are for planning media campaigns. Through Annalect, their digital strategy arm, OMD built the Attention Requirement Calculator using Amplified Intelligence’s data through the attentionPLAN® API. 

With the Attention Requirement Calculator (ARC), OMD’s planners now have an in-house tool that empowers them to confidently choose one platform or format over another for specific brand and campaign objectives. Sounds simple, but it’s taken a lot of work to get there.

Using insights on attention and Mental Availability from a 2021 study with Amplified Intelligence (published by WARC), OMD have been able to make recommendations for the amount of attention required for a campaign objective. 

At Amplified, we know through our research that memory kicks in around the 3 second mark. It’s an important finding and we keep going on about it because it’s an enormously valuable and applicable insight.

With attention metrics, the ad efficiency game just stepped up a notch. For just one of OMD’s CPG portfolio brands, the decision to use attention metrics to inform campaign planning saved US$200,000 in just 2 weeks based on the projected spend for that period. Stop, and have a little think about that. Even by OMD’s estimates, using ARC has the potential to save that same brand US$2.5 million annually. Stop, and have another think – that’s US$2.5 million annually.

At this stage Amplified Intelligence runs research for more than 25 OMD client brands. The impact has the potential to be enormous.

It’s not just about savings though, with a deeper understanding of the types of human attention to attract in different parts of the sales funnel, combined with a clear understanding of the attention limits of each media publishing environment—strategy just got real.

The full OMD story appeared in AdWeek on 15 July 2022.

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