WARC’s Asia Editor, Rica Facundo, says that Australia is at the forefront of attention research and marketers are starting to understand how they can utilise attention-based media planning and buying in their fight for consumer attention. 

Combating digital fatigure, digital detoxing and an over-stimulation through advertising is no mean feat. And in order to get and remain competitive you must first understand how and where consumer attention lies.

In a recent WARC article, Rica Facundo stated that ‘the digital playing field has changed the game with attention becoming a critical currency for brands who want to win over customers. But the way that marketers fight, measure and optimise for attention is being constantly challenged by a changing media ecosystem, consumer consumption behaviours and new research on effective advertising.’

Amplified Intelligence’s Dr Karen Nelson-Field was quoted saying “attention is a human metric. Rather than looking inward to measure device activity like scroll speed, time on screen and pixels, it looks outward to capture what the human is doing. This simple shift makes attention an incredibly resilient metric in the face of continually changing devices, formats, platforms and environments.”

Want to know what’s next for Australia’s attention economy? Read the article in full on the WARC website here.