As 2023 draws to a close, MediaShotz want to know what 2024 may have in store for brands and advertisers from the point of view of the adtech world.

While 2023 was dominated by economic woe, geopolitical tensions and increasing legislation, leading experts in the adtech sector share their predictions for brands, agencies and digital publishers for the coming year.

The long-awaited end of the cookie, the rise of AI in marketing, and new approaches to digital tech in the marketing industry are among the top trends to watch.

Amplified Intelligence’s Alex Khan, executive vice-president global partnerships, provided his insights on the year ahead.

“The attention measurement revolution is over and we’re entering a new evolutionary era.

“With advertisers recognising its power to answer the two biggest performance questions — what impact campaigns actually make and how to optimise ROI — next year will see increased adoption and major advances in market maturity.

“Innovative forces will start harnessing emotional and contextual data to offer an even deeper picture of cross-channel engagement.

“Combined with accurate insights about human viewing, these additional layers of data will enable brands to identify exactly what creative, format, and platform mix will achieve their core objectives.

“At the same time, greater moves towards standardisation will curb confusion around what attention assessment should be.

“As the space has grown, media buyers and sellers have found it increasingly difficult to sort between vendors providing both ground truth data and impression level data to provide the most accurate and scaled data sets that deliver genuine audience behaviour.

“Efforts from the IAB and ARF to create clearer universal guidelines will play a critical role in addressing misconceptions, and most importantly, ensuring all industry players can leverage tools that deliver real value by delivering precise understanding of real ad effectiveness.”


You can read contributions from other adtech leaders in the full article here.