Amplified Intelligence’s VP Customer Success, Daniel Lyas, to head up the new Sydney office.


Amplified Intelligence have expanded its domestic commercial operations beyond its Adelaide headquarters by opening a new office in Sydney. Complimenting the company’s existing London and New York offices, the expansion into New South Wales will allow the business to service a greater number of partners and clients on the ground in one of Australia’s most prolific media hubs. Daniel Lyas, VP Customer Success, has moved from Adelaide to Sydney to oversee management of the new office.

“Having ‘feet on the street’ in Sydney is key to the global growth of the business and developing our customer relationships long-term,” said Lyas. “As our attention technology suite continues to grow and evolve, I’m looking forward to undertaking customer success activities, running workshops, and spending more face-to-face time with our product users. This second office will help ensure our clients in Australia get the maximum value from what Amplified Intelligence has to offer.”

As the leading voice in attention measurement, Amplified Intelligence continue to expand its product suite aimed at providing greater visibility and strategic evaluation of all stages of the media buying lifecycle.

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