An industry-first, the functionality is now embedded within the attention measurement company’s market-leading media planning tool, attentionPLAN®

6 June 2023, Adelaide, London & New York Amplified Intelligence, the world’s only truly omnichannel attention measurement company, has announced the newest iteration of its attentionPLAN® offering – the only attention planning tool which covers linear TV, CTV, Socials, YouTube and other major digital platforms.

Now equipped with Attention-Adjusted® Reach Curve (AARC) functionality, the product elevates reach-based planning by filtering out non-attentive impressions, giving media planners a view of their potential attentive audience. AARC’s also give customers the true human attention volume for the reach they’re buying so that, per channel, they can see how their investments translate to eyes-on-ad attention in direct relation to audience size. This in-turn allows them to better tailor their campaign spend and placements toward the most effective channels and formats. 

This is in contrast to traditional reach curves, which are designed to show media planners the relationship between the number of content impressions an ad receives and the number of people who actually see the content, relative to their budget. But, with attention metrics now highlighting the disparity between reach volume and actual attention volume – whereby the difference between people who are reached and those who actually view is dramatic – many media planners are not only wasting ad budgets, but also impacting commercial outcomes and brand growth.

Starting from a human attention data set, attentionPLAN®’s algorithm qualifies impressions as actively attentive, passively attentive, or non-attentive. By looking at the impressions that make up a media schedule, the offering builds an attentive volume curve based on the actual human attention received, adding an additional dimension to reach-based planning that allows users to see reach, cost and attentive volume. 

“attentionPLAN® has fast become a mainstay in some of the world’s leading media agencies and brands to help them harness attention metrics in their media planning processes. It’s easy to use and provides incredible attention-led insights that have never been available before, ” comments Anneliese Urquhart, Chief Product Officer at Amplified Intelligence. “And based on the industry feedback to date, we know that Attention-Adjusted® Reach Curves are going to become a valuable tool for media planners and advertisers who are looking for efficiencies in their media strategies.”

Media agencies, brands and in-house marketing teams can start using attentionPLAN® for as little as $1K USD per campaign by purchasing direct from the Amplified Intelligence website. Enterprise licences and API integrations are also available for customers with more bespoke or large scale needs, via the Customer Success Team


About Amplified Intelligence

Amplified Intelligence is a global leader in the research and measurement of online human attention – the most valuable and important indicator of ad success. The company’s pioneering AI-powered technology, world-leading research and easy-to-use media planning platform help brands and agencies run more efficient, impactful, and successful ad campaigns. The company won “Most Effective Use of AI Machine Learning” at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2022 for its development of human attention metrics.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 2017 by Dr Karen Nelson Field – a globally acclaimed author and media science pioneer – the company’s mission is to revolutionise the way media is traded to focus on attention, making it fairer and more accountable. Customers include Dentsu, IPG, OMG, Publicis, WPP, Deutsche Telekom, Mars, Meta, PepsiCo, Shell, Spotify, Yahoo.