Access to accurate, human-centric data about platform and format-specific attention performance will help brands and agencies make strategic planning decisions using attentionPLAN®.

Adelaide, Sydney, London & New York, 5th December 2023: Amplified Intelligence the most trusted source for accurate attention measurement, has announced the launch of new ad platform and format benchmarks in its market-leading media planning tool, attentionPLAN®; giving brands and agencies a stronger base for building effective advertising campaigns.

The benchmarks will provide an instant view of true attention norms, harnessing real human data from 600 million human attention data points. Covering multiple ad types and channels — including social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, alongside open web display, connected TV and wider digital video — aggregated averages will ensure clear understanding of both active and passive viewer attention, with additional custom parameters also enabling refined data filtering by country, age, and gender.

Available as part of attentionPLAN® subscriptions, these enhanced features make it simple to determine how specific platform and format choices will influence the attention ads drive, before allocating investment. Using this valuable insight, brands and agencies will be better equipped to create smarter attention-optimised strategies that direct budgets towards the opportunities most likely to meet key performance goals and core business objectives.

“Media buyers now understand there is a huge gap between viewable ads and those actually capturing real human attention — and that being able to tell the difference is vital to boosting campaign impact,” comments Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Founder and CEO of Amplified Intelligence.

This update cements attentionPLAN®’s market leading position as the most effective human attention-centric media planning tool available, combining granular benchmarking data with current optimisation functionality. Using its existing self-serve capabilities, users can quickly generate and iterate endless campaign scenarios tailored specifically towards attention-led outcomes in only a few clicks. The addition of versatile benchmarks will guide even more refined planning and optimisation decisions to ensure ads achieve desired results.

Since its launch, attentionPLAN® has enabled multiple global businesses to realise significant media efficiency gains. Entrusted to optimise over $591M USD in ad spend to date, its growing user base spans strategists, planners, and marketers across both leading agencies and brands.

“This update brings an extra dimension of essential insight to their planning activities. With easy visibility of accurate benchmarks, brands and agencies can pinpoint where they should be spending to maximise outcomes and cut wastage, as well as how creative strategies can be adjusted for optimal engagement on specific platforms. Advertising is all about blending the right mix at the right time, and these capabilities will help them do so successfully.”


About Amplified Intelligence

Amplified Intelligence is a global leader in the research and measurement of online human attention – the most valuable and important indicator of ad success. The company’s pioneering AI-powered technology, world-leading research and easy-to-use media planning platform help brands and agencies run more efficient, impactful, and successful ad campaigns. The company won “Most Effective Use of AI Machine Learning” at The Drum Awards for Digital Industries 2022 for its development of human attention metrics.

Founded in Adelaide, Australia, in 2017 by Dr Karen Nelson Field – a globally acclaimed author and media science pioneer – the company’s mission is to revolutionise the way media is traded to focus on attention, making it fairer and more accountable. Customers include Dentsu, IPG, OMG, Publicis, WPP, Deutsche Telekom, Mars, Meta, PepsiCo, Shell, Spotify, Yahoo.