As we move into 2024, the question persists – how can advertisers balance privacy and personalisation within the data conundrum?

The ad tech sector has always been at the forefront of innovation, leveraging data analytics to optimise advertising strategies and maximise return on investment. In recent years, we have witnessed significant transformations, from the rise of programmatic advertising to the increasing importance of privacy and data security.

Striking the balance between personalisation and data privacy remains a challenge for many, but time is running out to ensure new solutions are in place. As the industry navigates the challenge ahead, the door to harnessing data in new, innovative ways further opens. Now is the time for more innovation, testing, and learning.

So, what does the future hold for data in the upcoming year? ExchangeWire asked some experts from across the industry.


Amplified Intelligence’s Alex Khan, executive vice-president global partnerships, provided his insights on the year ahead.

“AI’s mega trend status is set to stick, with 80% of CMOs planning on boosting investment. But as the shine wears off, there will be closer scrutiny of how smart tools drive business goals. This change will be especially notable in attention- led measurement, where AI has long been key to enhancing data scalability and fuelling real-time analysis.

As brands face greater pressure to maximise budget efficiency and minimise their carbon impact, many will ask deeper questions about whether the data feeding intelligent models provides an accurate enough view of real human attention to fuel efficient media planning and cut wastage. Once achieved, businesses will not only garner a greater ROI on high attention media, but thanks to eliminating unwanted media impressions, their carbon footprint will be improved. ”


You can read contributions from other adtech leaders in the full article here.