Advertising Week speak with industry leaders about the journey towards better transparency in latest ISBA Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency study.


It’s been three years since ISBA’s first Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study offered a worrying insight into the lack of transparency across the programmatic industry. Now, the second iteration of the study brings new revelations to the forefront, while shining a light on progress.

In an article published by Advertising Week, a host of industry leaders provide their thoughts on the journey to date and need for continual improvement.

Key findings from the study include a significant reduction in ad spend’s ‘unknown delta’, as well as a huge increase in match rates from 12% to 58%.

While these findings have left many feeling hugely impressed with the progress that’s taken place, others are still pondering how much there is still to uncover before full transparency and confidence is secured.

Amplified Intelligence’s Dr Karen Nelson-Field commented, “While this study provides further illumination on the “unknown delta”, it still doesn’t take into account the other unknown for many in the industry: true human attention to ads. The cross-industry taskforce has done great work in making investment more traceable, to the impression level, but it doesn’t address the fact that being able to attribute spend to time-in-view actually means very little in terms of human attention. Even with fraud reduced, measurement can’t be used as a yardstick if the unit it uses isn’t equal – with that in mind, i’d suggest there is some way to go before advertisers can get a clear picture of both where their money goes and what it delivers.”

You can read this article in full here, or discover how Amplified Intelligence, the leading voice in attention measurement, continue to expand its product suite aimed at providing greater visibility and strategic evaluation of all stages of the media buying lifecycle.