While 2023 may become best known as the year Twitter imploded, it has also seen the beginnings of an AI revolution in the advertising industry. With AI adoption set to accelerate across the media landscape, 2024 will likely see advertisers start to unlock its creative potential. Meanwhile advertising has made its way onto every major streaming service, putting programmatic TV buying firmly on the agenda for the year ahead.

VideoWeek asked 11 ad tech executives what to expect from video, TV and advertising in 2024.

Amplified Intelligence’s founder and CEO, Dr Karen Nelson-Field, provided her thoughts on the year ahead.

“Due to the stream of economic curveballs in 2023, advertisers were quick to embrace attention-based measurement that goes beyond tracking basic viewable delivery to assess the real impact digital video campaigns make. And, most crucially, how they can be optimised.

While the immersive nature of digital video gives it strong engagement-driving capacity, advertisers in 2024 will be looking for clearer validation that ad interaction is positively bolstering key business objectives, especially as the pace of video budget growth slows. Throughout next year, we’ll see greater evolution of media planning, with metrics – such as attention adjusted reach curves (AARCs) – layered over existing processes to enable more precise allocation of spend. By defining the exact level of attention each ad, format, and platform fuels, planners can better tailor campaign spend and placements towards the most effective formats and channels, ensuring complete media efficiency.”

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