What’s New In Publishing attended CES 2023 in Las Vegas. In their event wrap they uncover some of the key trends and ideas presented that are going to play a key role in the future of publishing and media.


Accurate, sustainable and accountable media measurement was again a hot topic at CES. With What’s New In Publishing taking time to talk to attention measurement industry leader Dr Karen Nelson-Field about the ongoing discoveries and ever-growing power of human attention metrics.

“Publishers looking to optimise their content appeal, ad yields, and experience quality must therefore consider evolving measurement approaches – and in particular, move towards reliable assessment of real, in-the-moment human attention.”

As the clamour grows for greater transparency and fluency in media measurement, beyond simply time-in-view, brands and media buyers want to be armed with the ability to have a more in-depth view of how audiences are engaging with advertising content.

Carbon-neutral ad inventory and first-party data capture also occupied much of the conversation amongst industry leaders at CES, alongside some of the most exciting tech and media innovations seen in years.

You can read the What’s New In Publishing event wrap article in full here.