From AI-enhanced media buying decisioning to carbon-busting DOOH measurement tools, Performance Marketing Week round up their top 5 adtech tools of the week, that includes Amplified Intelligence’s attentionPLAN® media planning tool.

Amplified Intelligence’s market-leading media planning tool, attentionPLAN®, has been recognised by Performance Marketing Week as one of its coveted top 5 adtech tools of the week.

With the release of powerful attention benchmark data spanning many of the world’s most widely utilised platforms and media channels, PMW’s attentionPLAN review showcases the full power, capability and benefit of Amplified Intelligence’s SaaS offering.

“Access to accurate, human-centric data about platform and format-specific attention performance is gold dust to help brands and agencies make better strategic planning decisions. These enhanced features from Amplified Intelligence are designed to make it simple to determine how specific platform and format choices will influence the attention ads drive, before allocating investment. Using this valuable insight, brands and agencies will be better equipped to create smarter attention-optimised strategies that direct budgets towards the opportunities most likely to meet key performance goals and core business objectives.”

attentionPLAN® can be test-driven by users on a free trial basis, and is accessible via a range of monthly licence options or even bespoke API integrations


Learn more about attentionPLAN® here, or check out the full list of tools on Performance Marketing Week’s website.