Amplified Intelligence’s Dr Karen Nelson-Field ranked number 1 in B&T’s top 10 data scientist list, recognised as the one of the global authorities in attention measurement and marketing insights.


B&T and Finecast have announced their list of the Adland’s best data scientists, with Amplified Intelligence’s Dr Karen Nelson-Field proudly ranked number one for her innovative and category defining work in attention metrics, helping reshape and reinform media measurement.

In the dynamic realm of marketing and media, data scientists have long been the unsung heroes who navigate the intricate details behind the scenes. However, the landscape is evolving, and marketers now find themselves delving into vast amounts of data, deciphering algorithms, and striving for campaign success. Data scientists have become the bearers of truth, providing the foundation on which industry leaders stand.

Of her number one ranking, B&T said “Nelson-Field is one of the most important minds in the world of marketing and is on a mission to fix what she sees as a broken media ecosystem.” While also acknowledging her influence and collaboration with many of the world’s largest brands and platforms “what’s more, companies ranging from US cinema advertising firm Screenvision to Snapchat are starting to put Nelson-Field’s work into action. If you haven’t already, you should be paying attention to Nelson-Field and Amplified Intelligence.”

B&T’s list features some of the most innovative thinkers and media leaders, and the team at Amplified Intelligence recognise the incredible input they make to driving the media and marketing industry forward.

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of Dr Karen Nelson-Field you can buy copies of her books online, or to discover more about the products available at Amplified Intelligence you can discover the power of our data capture, media planning and verification tag solutions.